#1 Create Campaign

With CR Booster, you have the power to design and launch effective marketing campaigns straight from your dashboard. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, engage visitors, or boost conversions, our toolkit has you covered. Customize your campaign details, set your goals, and monitor progress all in one place.

#2 Copy and Install Pixal Code

Simplicity is at the core of our toolkit. All you need to get started is to copy the Pixal Code and paste it onto your website's HTML. Once done, you're ready to unlock the full power of CR Booster and start engaging with your audience in meaningful ways.

#3 Choose Notification Type

Choose from many different types of notifications designed to meet a range of marketing needs. From information bars, cookie notifications, countdown timers to custom HTML, you can create the exact alert you need for your audience.

#4 Set Notification Basics

In this section, easily construct the essentials of your alerts. Define a distinct name for your notification, create an engaging title and concise message, and add an image URL for visual appeal.

Also, set the target URL to guide visitors to the desired page on click. With CR Booster, designing impactful notifications that meet your marketing goals becomes a streamlined process.

#5 Choose Triggers

In the "Triggers" section, you gain complete control over the timing and conditions under which your notifications appear. Whether it's a delay after page load, an exit intent trigger, scroll percentage, mouse click, or mouse hover, you decide the perfect moment for engaging your audience. By strategically setting these triggers, CR Booster enables you to optimize your notifications for maximum impact, ensuring your messages reach your visitors at the most opportune moments.

#6 Set Display Options

The "Display" section allows you to dictate the position and direction of your notifications. Choose whether they appear at the top or bottom, slide in from the left or right, and the duration they're visible. These features ensure your notifications grab attention while respecting the user experience and your website's design.

#5 Customize Notification

The "Customization" section in CR Booster lets you tailor notifications to your brand's style. Change element colors, adjust background colors or patterns, select border styles, and choose fonts to fit your brand identity. Plus, utilize advanced animation settings to make your notifications even more engaging and unique.

#7 Enjoy the Magic!

Once you've tailored your notifications with CR Booster, all that's left to do is sit back and watch the magic happen. With your campaigns running smoothly, you can focus on other aspects of your business while CR Booster handles the task of engaging your visitors, boosting conversions, and growing your audience.
It's not just a toolkit, it's a solution that works tirelessly so you can relax.

What Makes CR Booster Awesome

Key Features of the CR Booster

No Coding Required

Create powerful and interactive widgets for your website with ease, no need for coding skills.

FOMO Notifications

Generate a sense of urgency for your customers with Fear of Missing Out notifications, increasing engagement and conversions

Social Proof Tools

Build credibility for your business by showcasing customer reviews, recent conversions, and social shares.

Engagement Boosters

Use a variety of interactive widgets like emoji feedback, score feedback, and engagement links to keep your visitors engaged.

Lead Collection

Collect valuable customer information and email addresses with customizable forms.


Custom HTML allows you to create widgets that are uniquely yours.

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