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Are you feeling trapped by the treacherous path of low conversion rates that’s been plaguing your e-commerce store for far too long? You’re not alone, my friend. 

Numerous business owners witness dismal conversions from their online shops sinking all efforts they’ve put into building their business.

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20 Types of Customizable Notifications

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Engage Like Never Before with Website Engagement Tools

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Proven Sales Conversion Strategies

Don't Let Poor Engagement Hamper Your Success

It’s time you explore powerful and result-driven tools that bring back lost prospects and capture the attention of visitors with proven sales conversion strategies.

Implement a powerhouse sales conversion strategy and watch your conversion rates soar drastically. CR Booster provides optimized notifications – both static and dynamic, customizable to individual requirements.


With just a few clicks to paste our javascript code, you’ll be set to leverage the engaging notifications offered by this cutting-edge platform in its entirety.

Discover the immense potential of Static & Dynamic Notifications, carefully crafted and tailored to instantly grasp your customer’s attention, stir interest and generate that all-essential push to convert. Unleash these innovative marketing tools on your e-commerce storefronts and watch as the magic unfolds in producing improved sales conversion rates tailored for unparalleled growth.

Experience the sleek elegance of a professional design with CR Booster’s fully customizable optimized notifications. Choose from an array of vibrant colors, dynamic sizes and eye-catching animations crafted to entice your audience while maintaining a polished appearance.

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Grow your business with our Conversion Rate Boosters

Experience unparalleled business expansion as our meticulously crafted Conversion Rate Boosters work tirelessly, employing optimised notifications, tailored triggers, and captivating customisations to transform mere visitors into loyal customers, ultimately skyrocketing your sales and profits.

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Experience exponential growth in your sales conversion rate with CR Booster's cutting-edge features!

Boost Engagement

Elevate user interactions to create loyal customers and improve your conversion rates remarkably.

Reduce Exit Rates

Minimize visitor drop-offs by identifying and addressing exit intent patterns effectively with our CR Booster solution.

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Setup & customize your notification.

Grow & profit


Generate conversions & growth.


Simple setup and integration for any website

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Sales Surge

For Starters
$ 5
  • 1 Campaign
  • 10 Notification Types
  • 2,000 Impressions / month
  • 10 Enabled Notifications
  • 7 days statistics retention
  • API access
  • Removable Branding

Conversion Catalyst

For Advanced Users
$ 9
  • 10 Campaigns
  • 20 Notification Types
  • 20,000 Impressions / month
  • 15 Enabled Notifications
  • 14 days statistics retention
  • API access
  • Removable Branding

Revenue Rocket

For Gurus
$ 19
  • 60 Campaigns
  • 27 Notification Types
  • 60,000 Impressions / month
  • 180 Enabled Notifications
  • 30 days statistics retention
  • API access
  • Removable Branding

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